Ofsted - 09/10/2019

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It is with enormous pleasure that I write to share the fantastic news that our school has once again been rated ‘GOOD’ by Ofsted.

This fantastic news follows a two-day Ofsted inspection, which as you know took place last month. I am delighted that Ofsted has recognised all the excellent work going on here at St. Leonard’s and what a ‘special place’ the school truly is.

The inspectors noted how we have “high expectations and are aspirational for our pupils.” The report also recognised the school’s positive ethos, which reflects our school’s values. 

We could not have achieved this without your support, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, your fantastic children and our dedicated staff for their hard work, and commitment, which has helped to make St. Leonard’s such an amazing place to learn, work and succeed.

The report highlights many key strengths of our school. Some of the areas that make us very proud include:

Leaders place a great emphasis on pupils’ physical and mental well-being.

The school’s positive ethos reflects the school’s values.

Pupils enjoy warm and caring relationships with each other and with school staff. Pupils say that they are well looked after. They know that if they have a concern or a worry, including about bullying, an adult will help them sort it out.

Leaders have planned the curriculum carefully to broaden pupils’ experiences and deepen their learning. Pupils develop as independent, resourceful learners.

Leaders have high expectations and are aspirational for their pupils. This drive and ambition have led to better reading, writing and mathematics for all pupils, including disadvantaged pupils. 

Reading is a high priority.

Pupils achieve high standards. Teachers help pupils who fall behind to catch up quickly.

Subject leaders ensure that teachers are clear about what pupils need to learn next. 

Leaders and teachers support pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) well. The support they give is comprehensive and meets the needs of pupils with social and emotional needs as well as those who need academic support. Pupils with SEND achieve really well.

The curriculum extends beyond the academic. Pupils learn social skills such as helping one another and resolving conflicts.

In early years the curriculum meets the needs of learners exceptionally well.

Leadership is strong.

Leaders have established clear policies and procedures which help everyone to know how to keep children safe.

The report will also be on the Website by the end of the day and on the OSTED site within 5 working days.

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