During our Africa topic we shared the text Mama Panya’s Pancakes and we made our own traditional Kenyan pancakes. We designed our own healthy toppings to accompany the pancakes. They were delicious!

During our Dinosaur topic Year 1 and 2 were very lucky to have a visit from some Dinosaurs! DWAEC spent the day with us where we had the opportunity to meet a variety of animals such as a snake, a tortoise and we even had a dinosaur in our playground! We

At the end of our Dinosaur topic we invited our families in to share all of our amazing learning. We all had an enjoyable afternoon.

During our Jigsaw sessions we have created our own success treasure chests for our dreams and goals. We also worked with a partner to develop our team work skills designing a wellie for our flowers to help create a whole school Garden of Dreams and Goals

Garden of Dreams and Goals

We have been learning about human and animal body parts including our senses. We used our senses to explore a wide range of objects. We discovered that when you cannot see an object it is difficult and we rely on our other senses to help us know what the

We have been learning about different types of materials and their properties.

They then used a variety of materials to make their own working lighthouse


There was lots of super teamwork and perseverance! We are very proud of our Lighthouses

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