After School Clubs

Our commitment to providing pupils with as many varied, quality learning experiences extends to our out of hours learning provision. School staff run an extensive range of after school clubs for children throughout the school. These include sports, music, arts and environmental activities held in the conservation area. We regularly hold concerts, play and participate in appropriate events outside the school. In Year 6 children have the opportunity to attend a five day residential visit at a local Staffordshire Outdoor Education Centre.

Latest News from the Conservation Area......

New pond platform opens up underwater world at St Leonard's!

Many wonderful and fascinating creatures lurk below the surface of even the smallest pond. So the newly installed dipping platform alongside the school pond is set to become a popular feature of the Woodland Garden at St Leonard's, enabling pupils to peer safely into the murky waters and sample the varied delights.

The platform has been constructed from recycled plastic, which is durable and non-slip, so should provide many years of service to budding naturalists at the school. At the rear is a safety rail and shelf on which specimens can be examined. Part of an overall enhancement of the wildlife area at the rear of the school, the platform project has been headed by parent Dan Saberton. It was made possible by a grant of £450 from Stafford Borough Council, under their Eco Schools programme, for which the school is very grateful.

Parent, Dan Saberton (right), pupils and Mr Deaville put the finishing touches to the pond dipping platform during a working party in the Woodland Garden.

You're not supposed to dive in, Mr D.!

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