Mrs H Spearing Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs R Chandler-Rogers Deputy Headteacher/Part time Year 1 Teacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead

School Office

Mrs M Jones Office Manager
Ms E Marston School Secretary

Class Teachers

Mr J Gregory EYFS Lead/Reception Teacher
Mrs C Callaghan Part Time Year 1 Teacher
Mrs L Hitchen Year 2 Teacher
Miss L-J Rack Year 3 Teacher
Mrs H Watton Year 4 Teacher
Miss A Bird Year 5 Teacher
Miss C Cooke Year 6 Teacher
Mr R Deaville Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Z Congreave TA Additional Needs Single Pupil
Mrs R Evans Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Barlow KS2 Teaching Assistant/HLTA
Mrs L Howell KS1 TA/Lunchtime Supervisor/ Senior Playleader
Miss H Garner Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Fraser TA Additional Needs Single Pupil
Mrs A Stanley TA Additional Needs Single Pupil
Miss R Cronin TA Additional Needs Single Pupil
Mrs T Pindar TA Additional Needs Single Pupil
Mrs A Hensley HLTA/Assistant SENCO
Mrs C Rouxel Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Nursery Nurses

Mrs L Whittick Nursery Nurse
Mrs A Hill Nursery Nurse

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs P Davies Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Hoult Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs P Leadbeater Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss S Stanley Lunchtime Supervisor/Extended School Support
Mrs R Spencer-Bennett Lunchtime Supervisor

Catering Staff

Miss S Murphy Catering Supervisor
Mrs H Gaedoum Catering Assistant
St. Leonard's Primary School

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We encourage our Parents to pay for their child's lunches and visits via their ParentPay account.  If you have lost your login details please contact the School Office for help.


All the information published on our website can be requested as a paper copy from the School Office, this will be provided free of charge.

St. Leonard's Primary School