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‚ÄčIt is with great pleasure that I welcome you and your child to St. Leonard’s Primary School. Primary education is one of the most important experiences of a child’s life. At St. Leonard’s Primary School we aim to promote excitement, enjoyment and an enthusiasm for learning that will last throughout their life. 

At St. Leonard’s Primary School every child is valued and encouraged to realise their potential within a caring and purposeful environment.

Children begin their learning journey by developing their confidence, independence and self esteem; they are encouraged to become self disciplined, responsible and highly motivated learners. Our website is designed to help you, but please do not hesitate to contact school in order that we may answer any further questions that you may have. You are most welcome to visit us and see us at work.

Mrs Helen Spearing, Headteacher

Our mission statement at St. Leonard's is:

'Where everyone is valued and together we seek excellence'.

Our school values are:


These values are reflected in all our work at St. Leonard's Primary School.


St. Leonard's Primary School

Summer Term Afterschool Clubs - End Dates

Please note the end dates of this terms Afterschool Clubs Day Year Grp Club End Time Start Date End Date Monday Y5 - Y6 Enrichment 4.30pm 13th May 15th July Tuesday Y1 – Y6 Choir 4.15pm 4th June 9th July Tuesday KS1 Construction 4.00pm 14th May 2nd July Tuesday Y2 – Y4 Green Club 4.15pm 14th May 2nd July Wednesday KS2 Sports Club 4.30pm 8th May 5th June Thursday Y1 – Y6 Recorders 4.15pm 23rd May 11th July Thursday Y2 – Y6 Acting Bug 4.30pm 9th May 11th July


Meet Peggy, Our School Dog!

We would like to introduce you to Peggy, she is a Springer Spaniel. Peggy belongs to Mrs Hensley, who has very generously agreed that she can become our School Dog. There has been a comprehensive risk assessment completed and Peggy is fully insured, which includes public liability insurance. Peggy will be kept clean and healthy, with all her vaccinations up to date. Her claws will be kept short and she will be trained not to jump up at children. She is already being conditioned to being in school. Children will not be allowed to feed her or be with her unsupervised. During her rest periods she will be in her secure bed away from the children and noise. Whilst in school, Peggy will be on a leash at all times, she may at times go into the playground to play games with some of the children. Lots of schools have School Dogs, because studies have shown that they can improve the well-being of children and lower the rate of anxiety, simply by making the environment happier, more enjoyable and less forbidding. There is also evidence that “reading dogs” can break down barriers and help children to develop their literacy skills. By introducing Peggy into the school environment we hope she will enrich children’s learning, teach them patience, compassion, responsibility and socialisation skills.


Staffordshire SEND Local Offer

Visit the new Staffordshire SEND Local Offer (Special Educational Needs and Disability) www.staffordshireconnects.info The best place to go to find information about SEND support in Staffordshire


St. Leonard's Primary School

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We encourage our Parents to pay for their child's lunches and visits via their ParentPay account.  If you have lost your login details please contact the School Office for help.


All the information published on our website can be requested as a paper copy from the School Office, this will be provided free of charge.

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